Wednesday, 18 July 2017

As much as I would like to stay out of this conversation, I would have to agree with Daniel and Aaron.The one thing also to consider, is the military does not pay for the soldiers family meals, hygiene products, children needs (some but not much). Our soldiers deserve more..much more.. but it's the pride in serving our country that motivates them, not the money, not the politics... Fast food joints (as quoted by McDonalds in the 1960's) was set up to help kids make a little money..not a way of life. How many young people would work for any of those places with the requirement 1., You don't see your family for a year+ and 2, Oh, BTW you will be shot at.

I think it's extremely important that the President to have been in the Military of some kind. Like the old saying, "if you haven't been there, you know only what someone told you". In the 1970's, 75% of the House and Congress was a vet or still active. Today only 69 out of of the 435 in the House, and 21 out of 100 in the Senate have ever served. To be blunt.. today, they don't have a clue what it's like. MACV SOG Comando Sq., 72 &73rd LLRP Ranger unit. (Steve Brodksy, Hansen Drive)

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