Wednesday, 18 July 2017

Why are allowances never included in these figures... BAH is worth a good amount, even more considering it's not taxed.
Let's assume they come out as an E3 which between college or a 6yr commitment is very easy/common. The BAH and BAS is worth 35k if we use a walnut Creek zip code. This is for single, it'd go up a good amount if married. Then let's not count out the free health Care, that's worth a good chunk as it's pretty good (more so for dependents, but still free). At least honestly show what the pay really is, not what the basic pay is. (Matt Katsaris, North Civic Drive, Walnut Creek)

Dear Matt: Let me first express my sincerest appreciation for your response. In reply thereto, as an ex-Marine, the Basic Allowance for Housing (“BAH”) and the Basic Allowance for School (“BAS”) are not available to everyone. The education allowance itself has some extreme limitations as I am seeing with many individuals currently trying to get an education in schools in and around Contra Costa County and San Francisco. Benefits are also extremely limited to those who are disabled and/or discharged as well. Equally as frustrating is that an individual receiving medical care at a Veterans Administration Health Care System clinic has co-pays even though he/she sustained injuries while serving their country. Giving one's life for our Country should be all that is required. Nothing more. Likewise, if you calculate the number of people that do serve versus those that don’t, it is less than 1/10 of a percent of the total population. Namely, out of 326,533,054 people currently in the United States of America, only 2,266,883 are serving in the United States armed forces. Yet an individual who hasn’t served won’t hesitate to buy a Ford Expedition without thought of the fuel it wastes. Likewise, the individual I am referring to doesn’t really need more than a bicycle to do what he does. Notwithstanding, even if we include these “allowances,” it still comes out be an income FAR below the poverty level. Would you work for $2,500.00 a month when an apartment in Walnut Creek at the very least rents for upwards of $4,500.00 (i.e. The Brio)? (Antonio Di Giovanni)

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