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Michael lost his brother in Vietnam some years ago and in his memory they gave $3,600.

Helen gave us $20. Helen's father was a United States Marine and was one of the first Mounted, Horse Marines in China.

In response to an advertisement we placed on NEXTDOOR.COM recently, Mr. and Mrs. Kolnowski donated a beautiful white 24 cubic foot french door refrigerator with water and ice maker to our office. Similar units sell for upwards of $3,000. It is practically new and beyond awesome. We have loaded it with Kit Kat Bars, Reese's, and so much more. Staff, children and adult clients raid it regularly. We can say that It has already brought us more joy than we could have possibly hoped for. Both Mr. and Mrs. Kolnowski fathers served in the United States Armed Forces. We thank them for their service and for their children's generosity.

MAMET, MARA J. (June 2018)
Mara Mamet just gave us $650.00. Mara is an attorney at law whose background has been instrumental in helping us in our pursuit of helping homeless veterans.

Mara Mamet has practiced law for 30 years, spending the majority of her career working in numerous positions negotiating and overseeing thousands of settlements with attorneys and their counsel for the State Bar of California, prior to and after passing the Bar herself. After Mara’s admission to the State Bar of California in 1984, she worked as a staff attorney in the Office of Trial Counsel.  She continued working for the State Bar of California ­until 1997, working her way up to the prestigious position of senior trial counsel.  Mara’s practice focused primarily on complex litigation, with substantial experience in handling sensitive political and public interest cases.  She litigated numerous multi-count complaints successfully through trials and appeals to the California Supreme Court.  She created and implemented a variety of programs to help highlight and solve ethical issues for potentially problematic members.  She helped to amend and add to the Rules of Professional Conduct and the State Bar Act, governing the conduct of all California attorneys.  And she interacted with state bars around the country to help other states improve their systems.

Mara was a valued legal adviser for the State Bar of California who, for several years, was responsible for directing and supervising investigations of California attorneys throughout California.  Mara oversaw thousands of complaints against California attorneys and played an active role in creating the program monitoring criminal proceedings instituted against any California attorney.  In both the conviction referral proceedings and in original discipline matters, Mara negotiated hundreds of stipulated settlements with attorneys and their counsel.

In addition to her work for the State Bar of California, Mara has taught ethics and professional responsibility at both USF School of Law as well as her alma mater, Golden Gate.  She has performed pro bono work for Legal Aid of Marin and the Bar Association of San Francisco.

Should you ever have questions or need her assistance in regard to other matters, don't hesitate to contact her here. In July, 2018 Mara will be officially joining our Board of Directors.