Ronn Richard

For the last thirty (30) years, with the help of an incredible number of volunteers and aides, through a non-profit charitable organization that I helped to co-create, we have been helping to underwrite life-saving medical treatment and research throughout the United States for catastrophically and terminally ill children (and adults) battling, but not solely limited to, cancer and AIDS. Further, helping to underwrite aid to women battling breast cancer, as well as endeavoring tot purchase respite homes throughout the United States for families supporting loved ones undergoing treatment at various speciality treatment centers.

However, most importantly, relying on my studies in both law and medicine, advocating against health insurance companies and any other organization and/or firm that would deny any claim filed by an individual who is disabled and requires benefits, help and/or assistance. The success of my work through the C.H.A.R.M.E.D., Incorporated (formerly The Dominion-Life Foundation) over the last thirty-five (35) years is due substantially to the generous help and support of retired judges, attorneys at law, Congressmen and Senators and a host of other individuals throughout the United States. Altruistic by nature, these individuals have provided invaluable assistance –– often at no cost –– to help us safeguard the rights of catastrophically and terminally ill children (and adults) to life-saving medical care throughout the United States. As a consequence thereof, we haven't lost a patient, nor a case, claim nor appeal in the last thirty-five (35) years. The accolades we have received over the years speak volumes and I will be forever grateful to each individual for having authored them.

But what I cherish most is that unlike any other non profit charitable organization in existence, the organization I helped to create was able to ensure that at least 80% of every donation is used to help the people we are committed to serving, and not used to underwrite the salaries of those enlisted to aid in those pursuits. Furthermore, unlike any other non-profit organization, C.H.A.R.M.E.D., Incorporated is operated solely by volunteers.

Though, as a member of the armed forces, I also want to help those that made it possible for me to help the terminally and the catastrophically ill children and adults throughout the Unites States: the members of our armed forces. As I work closer and closer with these individuals I am horrified to learn that not much has changed since my stint in the United States Marine Corps back in the 70's. Most of all that the salaries of our armed forces is less than what an employee at McDonalds is making. That is not acceptable given the considerable sacrifice each and every individual that has joined the armed forces has made, not to mention the families' sacrifice. With your help and support we can change that. We are Americans. We can accomplish anything!


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