Several months ago we turned to our neighbors on NEXTDORR for help in locating a refrigerator for our offices. In it we would be storing food that we deliver to home-bound veterans as well as food for the many volunteers that help us each day. We were excited to hear from a couple that told us that they would be willing to donate a refrigerator that was only a few years old, and only because they were remodeling and wanted one of a different color. Almost immediately we made arrangements to pick it up and bring it back to our office. Although I didn't fit through the kitchen doorway, we made it work and for the next several months we were ecstatic. Until we came into the office on Thursday and learned it had died. We immediately contacted a Maytag authorized dealer who shattered our dreams. The refrigerator wasn't just a few years old, it was over ten (10) years old. And the reason the couple probably wanted to get rid of it was that the compressor was going out. So now what can we do.

Although it might be only a few hundred dollars more to replace it with a new one, we would rather use those additional dollars to help our veterans. If all it needs is a new compressor, we could surely make due. But we only have the next forty-eight hours to raise the money or all the food inside will be lost.

Can you help us please. All monies raised in excess of the $800.00 will be used for the Veterans Food Bank. Please just go to this link to donate and select COMPRESSOR from the drop down menu. Thank you,