I am a disabled veteran who works with veterans and catastrophically and terminally ill children. Little did I know I would become one of the very people I have pledged my life and resources to help all because of a greedy landlord. Here is my story.

For the past twelve (12) years I have lived in Walnut Creek, California. A photograph of my living room is enclosed. All the furniture pictured is furniture I had inherited from my parents and my beloved friends who have all passed away.

All the while I lived in the condominium, if the slightest thing went wrong that might pose a threat to the integrity of the apartment, I would let my landlord know. Although he wouldn't do anything about it, at least he would just tell me to deal with it and give him the bill afterward. Too, rather than put him through billing me every six (6) months for utilities, I just added an additional $50.00 per month to my rent to save him time. I thought I was doing everything in my power to be a good tenant. Heard, "no good deed goes unpunished?"

Suddenly after twelve(12) years of a tenancy without incident, Jan Fuchs showed up at my door and handed me an eviction notice. No explanation. However, at a hearing afterwards, Jan Fuchs explained his reasons for the eviction: to keep his ".... wife and son in a life of which they have become accustomed."*

At first I just wanted to cooperate and move. Jan Fuchs promised me that he would provide me with a timely reference. However, within two weeks of my getting the notice, my best friend of whom I have been caring for over the last five (5) years fell in her bathtub and had to be placed in a skilled nursing facility. Days later the same fate befell an "aunt." Then my brother had a heart attack. Could it get much worse? Yes. Twenty-four (24) hours after my brother had his heart attack, my two-year-old grand nephew -- who had been born with congenital heart disease -- also had a similar heart attack. My world was falling apart.

If was self evident I wasn't going to make the sixty (60) day deadline; I just needed an additional thirty (30) days. Even though I assured Jan Fuchs that I would pay any additional rent, he ignored me and just hired an attorney and filed for an eviction. He now also refused to provide me with a reference. On May 28, 2018 my brother died, and shortly thereafter I lost the apartment opportunity I had secured because my Jan Fuchs wouldn't give me the reference I needed to secure within the specified period of time.

Did my landlord, Jan Fuchs, ever come to me and say that he was considering raising the rent and could we work together? No? Jan Fuchs just evicted me and walked away.

Did Jan Fuchs care what impact it would have on me given the current state of the housing market? No! Instead Jan Fuchs texted me, "We ALL have issues with family and health ... not just you."

I was at the point of just giving up life like so many others have done recently.

Yet amidst the efforts of all of my neighbors trying to help me, I was suddenly reminded why -- for instance -- issues like "gay marriage" finally became law: because we were in the faces of America .... and America now couldn't ignore us nor could they continue to deprive us of the rights they had been denying us for so long.

Veterans of all wars are taking a beating by people as greedy and heartless as my landlord, Jan Fuchs, because they don't care about anything that the veterans of the United States Armed Forces have done for them -- all the Jan Fuchs of the world care about is living life at our expense in million dollar homes like this one. We veterans are disenfranchised because while we were off fighting to protect our country from hostile people and countries, these individuals were home making money in jobs we might have had had we not been off fighting to protect them.

Although, men like Jan Fuchs will turn to you and say, "thank you for your service," what they will not do is reward you for it. Jan Fuchs demonstrated that with an eviction notice -- an eviction that may also be illegal because of a moratorium that is in place that our Governor enacted to safeguard victims from landlords like Jan Fuchs.

Regardless, on June 12, 2018 I will officially become a homeless veteran -- couch surfing.

Yet it doesn't have to be this way for anyone else. We must mobilize as the LGBT community mobilized and fight back for the rights and privileges we deserve and especially the right to be treated with respect, dignity and gratitude for our service to our Country.

So if you care, share this with others via Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, NEXTDOOR.COM, TWITTER, Instagram and every other service you can think of. If I can raise $3,000 in one weekend to help veterans, we can raise ten (10) times that over the next few months to stop people like Jan Fuchs from ruining other veteran's lives.

Too, ask each and every person you share this with to boycott the firm of Louis and Stettler and any other firm that would employ an individual that would put his greed before the needs of the people that fought for him.

And although Louis and Stettler may not feel the impact today, as we mobilize, they will! We will not serve our Country to come home and be ignored and abused by the very people we fought to protect.

*Jan Fuchs words, not mine.

This was my home until now. Because of my landlord, I had to sell all of my parents things because there was no place to move them.