As a matter of principle, I, Antonio Di Giovanni, will not patronize, nor will I attend, nor will I watch on ANY television any sporting event, concert or any type of event that pays the participants outrageous amounts of money for having done little to nothing except -- for example -- move a basketball from one end of a basketball court to another. I also will not patronize any restaurant nor business that broadcasts any sporting event, nor concert event nor any type of event that pays the participants outrageous amounts of money for having done little to nothing to earn it. True heroes are the individuals who have sacrificed their own lives for the happiness and welfare of others. To pay Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors tens of millions of dollars to chase a basketball up and down a court does not take skill; not when compared to the skill it takes to survive in Iraq and Afghanistan. Too, why didn't Stephen Curry first join the armed forces before taking upon a career playing basketball? He is benefiting from all the benefits that our soldiers have fought tirelessly for and yet how much money has he given to Veterans organizations? Let him be paid $1,633.00 per month. Then may veterans could afford front row tickets to attend sporting events!

The point being, each and every month I send out at least ten (10) letters to organizations such as those listed below reminding them that I will not attend any event that pays its participants millions of dollars for doing little to nothing that will ever serve to improve the life of mankind. Besides, how much has any one of those organizations listed below given to help our Veterans and/or organizations dedicated to helping our Veterans?

So now ... its up to you ... do you have the courage to do the same? Here is the letter I send:


To whom it may concern:

Although you may think it financially savvy, you can be assured that while we are at war, while a service member is spending yet another lonely night thousands of miles away from home rather than with his/her family, I -- Antonio Di Giovanni -- will never purchase a ticket to any event that your organization sponsors, nor will I purchase any product(s) your organization manufactures and/or offers for sale, nor will I watch any network that televises an event that your organization is featured. Likewise, until I have sufficient evidence to prove that your organization has given substantially to organizations committed to the needs and welfare of our active and inactive service members, you will never see one dime of my money -- ever. Likewise, I will work tirelessly to encourage others to do the same.

HG Antonio Di Giovanni


I have sent these letters to, and continue to send them each and every month, to (but not solely limited to):

ABC - Disney
CNN - Anderson Cooper
Reelz Television
Andy Cohen
Century and other theater chains
Golden State Warriors
San Francisco 49er's
San Francisco Giants
Oakland A's
Celine Dion
Aria - Las Vegas
Bally's - Las Vegas
Bellagio - Las Vegas
Caesars Palace - Las Vegas
Casino Royale - Las Vegas
Circus Circus - Las Vegas
Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas
Encore - Las Vegas
Excalibur - Las Vegas
Flamingo - Las Vegas
Harrah's - Las Vegas
Line - Las Vegas
Luxor - Las Vegas
Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas
MGM Grand - Las Vegas
Mirage - Las Vegas
Monte Carlo - Las Vegas

Now, tell us what think?

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