December 8, 2018

I would first like to express my sincerest appreciation to the individuals that participated in this month's meeting. First and foremost were two individuals that have worked with a number of veterans organizations and gave us some insight into their operations. Both individuals pointed out that over a year's time these organizations collected a great deal of money, but the better part of that income was used to pay staff and personnel salaries. Too, to underwrite the costs of a great many meetings that boasted an overwhelming amount of information, but with little purpose.

At the same meeting we were pleased to introduce our new "sign," which will be placed in strategic locations throughout Contra Costa County and the surrounding areas. Currently a poster is prominently displayed on the fence across the street from WalMart in Martinez. Another will be displayed on the fence at The Odd Fellows Hall in Concord. Others are being placed on the lawns of the many homes of our veterans, and even their fences. Anything to help us get the word out and to help raise money, is being pursued at this time.

We have also introduced an activity through NEXTDOOR.COM that involves line dancing. If we have enough participants, we will be holding these events at The Odd Fellows Hall in Concord, which will help us raise money for both non profit organizations.

Our next meeting is set for January 12, 2019. We look forward to seeing you there.